Each project an adventure, a satisfaction

Websites and E-Commerce created with care

uca web

UCA (Unidad de Certificación del Automóvil)

Professionals of the sector who needed to renew their digital image for a more modern version and also adapted to all devices.

From the beginning to the end they have proven to be a reference not only in their sector but also as a company, honest, responsible and competent.

A pleasure of team and project.

José Salto

We have here a photography professional and a great person.

José needed to update his website, we started working and throughout the process I did not cease to be amazed at the quality of his work.

If you are looking for a professional photographer he is the right option.

Legal Millenials

A pioneering legal event with great impact needed a website that represents the essence and power of the event.

With great sponsors and legal entities behind. We get great results.

It was an initiative of BBrainers and

Will Marsala

This man is on another level.

His photographs are impressive, well performed works, with attention to detail and superior to all expectations. With an unbeatable treatment.

Only by reading the testimonies of his clients can you get an idea of the stratospheric level of this gentleman.

A 10 out of 10 as a person and, of course, as a web project.


Satisfied with the project they wanted to share their own testimony:

“We want to thank Cleverlake for the work done in our E-Commerce; the service and treatment could not have been better and we are very happy with the results.

Without a doubt, we would hire them again for future work, 100% recommended. “

Vestalia Asociados

The Vestalia team needed to renew their digital image and we got to work.

A participatory, challenging and demanding process that has meant many hours of enjoyment both in design and treatment.

Today they are a reference in the Family Law sector.

A great pride to have contributed my grain of sand.


Una idea revolucionaria, innovadora, rompedora.

BBrainers was born in 2018 to stay in the legal world as a benchmark for shared legal knowledge.

With the motto “Share your brain” and the hashtag #SoyBBrainers doesn’t stop gaining followers.

A promise for the future for those who want something different.

Los Buhos

An incredible photographic producer.

United photography professionals who get the best results in so many areas that are already top in their sector.

Specialized in advertising, portraits and product are your best option if you need them.

El Colladito

Experts in shelters, camps and activities.

They needed to renew their website and create an online system for their shelters.

A challenge that has become a resounding success.

Always willing to innovate, a great company that knows how to take care of the good things.

Cousi Interiorismo

An outstanding interior design studio with international recognition.

They needed to renew their digital image and give priority to the photographs of their magnificent interior design.

Professionals in all aspects, a project that has been an enjoyment throughout its development.

Retratos Corporativos

Custom Web Project for a photographic producer.

When there are photo professionals specialized in obtaining the best corporate portraits, it is necessary that your website reflects it.

For all the above was a very interesting development where photography must be clearly seen.

Curro Jordano

Web for the consultancy of Curro, specialist in Pharmacy and Emotional Business.

The treatment has been wonderful at all times, of course, humble, decisive and above all professional.

A web design for one of Huete & Co’s members concerned with ethics and profitable businesses.

Another project that has been a great satisfaction.

That’s great!

Marta Nadales

A web design for Marta’s personal page.

In addition to being a university professor who adore her students and takes care of them with all her love and respect she is a translator and researcher.

A great academic teacher who continues sharing, learning and expanding knowledge.

Excellent treatment, with clear ideas and a great mind. Exceptional. 🙂

They needed to renew the image for the blog of this reference website in the world of Law.

After studying the possibilities together and categorizing all the information, it was decided to create a new logo.

We also adjust the color and aesthetic palette to the new digital stage of this great brand.

A challenge that finally ended with excellent results.

El Quinto Elemento

An association of professional photographers for weddings.

Their website has been very intense, as I have always enjoyed with each line of code, and with each photograph, they are great.

As its name indicates, they are The Fifth Element indispensable for any type of marriage.

If wedding bells rings get in touch with their team.


Professional filmmaker specialized in advertising and events.

A highly qualified professional in the sector that has worked for major brands and well-known public figures.

His filmations have gone through the cinema and advertising.

A great person with a lot of future ahead.


What better explanation about this project than the direct opinion of the Globalcamp team:

“We really liked the web design, the combination of colors, photographs, all with great pleasure.”

A web project developed for the family of this company specialized in summer camps.

Sara Lobla

International wedding photographer who perfectly captures those magical and natural moments that often escape the objectives.

Specializing in natural weddings Sara surprises with every job she does and when you know her you realize her high value as a professional.

An original, unique and beautiful vision essential for any natural wedding that worth its salt.

Pepita Crawford

Crazy, funny, involved, original. There are not enough adjectives for this great woman.

This is what she think about the improvements applied in her E-Commerce:

“I can’t be happier with the results! Thanks to CleverLake and Pablo’s work, I like my store more than ever because it perfectly reflects the spirit and essence of my company. Fast giving solutions, what I needed without a doubt!”

¡Olé Pepita!

Rapax Natura

Every person who attends their events, celebrations and conferences falls in love with the essence that this great idea gives off.

Aware of the environment, scientific dissemination and education focused on children.

Ana is a true professional passionate about her work.

An honor to have helped boosting her business.

Editorial Otros Mundos

The trigger that made me passionate about Web design.

They welcomed me with open arms in this collaborative project.

I will always be grateful.

Over time the publishing house dissolved but left a great flavor in addition to a seed that has not stopped growing since then.

Thank you.