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Questions about Web Design

I don’t know what i need

Do not worry, if you are stressed after a long Internet research stop. Disconnect, go for a walk, take something, put on a movie or series and reset your energy. When you have replaced batteries, come back and find out about the possibilities you have. I recommend you start by writing on paper: “What goals does your online business have?”, “Are you going to update your website regularly?”, “What kind of customers do you want to reach with your page?” When you have all this written you will surely see ieverything a bit more clear.

I don’t understand what a CMS is

A CMS (Content Management System) is a content management system. 🙂 The best known are WordPress, Drupal or Joomla !. Generally it is a system with administration panel that allows you to access with your username and password to write new pages or articles, change photographs or whatever you need.

Static or Dynamic Web

A static Web is a page that will not change over time. In other words, it will always be the same. On the other hand, if your Web is going to have updatable content such as texts, images, offers or others, then you need a dynamic Web, because you will need future and constant updates.

What is the price of a web design?

Each project has different needs. A Web design varies a lot according to its complexity so the best option is to contact the Web designer you like and value together. If you want you can contact and we value your options together.

How long does it take to have the web finished?

It depends, from one week for express cases to more than four months. It depends on the complexity of the project. If you choose to use a CMS or if you want a design from scratch. Logically with CMS it is faster since you can use a template as a base and modify it according to the needs of your project or business. If you don’t know what a template is, the explanation is in the drop-down box below this one you are reading now.

What is a “theme” or “template”?

A “template” or “theme” is just that, a template. It is only a base on which to work. Some CMS such as WordPress have many types of templates, some free (I do not recommend it for security) and others under payment or Premium. You can find templates that are ready to use resulting in a fully functional Web. However, the ideal is to customize them so that they are unique and do not have the same website as other businesses. Well done things looks better and cool, right?

Is it difficult to manage a website already in service?

It depends on how your Web is designed, if it is designed from scratch without CMS it must be very friendly and intuitive so that it is easy and convenient to manage it later. If you use a CMS like WordPress it will be as simple as accessing the administration panel with your data. Then inside you can write for example an article, the editor is like Word, have you ever used Word? Well, it’s that simple. 🙂 Anyway, ideally, whoever designs your website creates a guide or manual so you will know how to manage yourself with ease. Is your website, you shouldn’t have limitations in its use.

Could someone manage my web for me?

In that case you can benefit from a support plan that allows you to keep your website up to date without having to write a single line in the administration panel. It’s simple, you indicate what you want to modify (texts, images or others) and your designer applies it for you. It is faster, simple and comfortable without a doubt. It is always advisable to get in touch to personalize your case and get the best solutions.

I don’t have photos of my business, can I take some cool pics from Internet?

This is important. You must get photos of your business. They must be unique, professional and realistic. Using images taken from the Internet without judgment can harm your image and your business. Internet has many images, it is true. You should keep in mind that behind each photograph exist the effort and work of the person who has taken it. This translates directly into copyright and is critical. Let’s be honest and try not to take any image of the network that we like for our website. You can buy images, ask permission from their authors or even hire a professional photographer. If you act in the right way your images will positively support the design of the Web. Also, if you want, I can recommend you to more than one professional photographer. They can get the best photos for your business. Ask me!

How is communication during a web project?

Your website is a essential element in your business and, in turn, decisive for your online presence. It says a lot about your brand and represents your qualification as an expert in your business niche. In same situation when you go to the doctor it’s he or she who listens to you, advises and diagnoses the best solutions, you need a direct deal with the professional who will execute your Web design to get the best results. You will talk daily with your designer. In both directions it is important to have constant feedback during all the web project.

Is there any trick to improve my website?

ANALYZE, ANALYZE and ANALYZE. Knowing your competition, the market behaviour and analyzing users on your website are some of the key issues that you need to know in depth. All focused on achieve your goals (KPIs). Even when you have your website finished it will not mean that the work is over. It is important, and increasingly, to know why things happen on your website. Analyzing you can optimize until your customers enjoy your brand and online services in addition analyzing allow you to offering a better service with high quality.

If you want to reach first positions

Doubts about organic positioning and SEO

What does SEO mean?

The term SEO comes from the english Search Engine Optimization. To better understanding is the optimization of content to obtain results in the different search engines, also known as SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Some examples of search engines are Google, Bing, Ask, Yahoo !, etc.

How does SEO work?

In short, SEO works through scripts or codes that are often called bots, spiders or others (the name depends on the search engine). They are entities that go all over the Internet to index or track their information. Once collected, it is added to the databases of each search engine, such as Google, and after this a series of factors or rules will determine its position in the ranking of each search engine.

Is positioning important?

Yep. Most people always enter on websites that appear first giving a high probability of customer conversion or improvements in brand visibility. Its effectiveness will depend on your target audience, search terms you focus, your content or the valuable information you provide to your customers and users. In fact, surely if you already have a website or if you have searched for something on Google, you may have wondered why some businesses appear first while your website or the page you are looking for does not appear even on the first page. If this is the case, it will surely be necessary to analyze objectives, see what works, what fails and apply changes.

How long will it take to appear on the first pages?

Keep in mind that months may pass. SEO is laborious work that needs time. The benefits of SEO are gradual, after 6 months you can start seeing results, but the results will be much better after 12 months of work. In parallel, keep in mind that appearing in the top positions is not an absolute indication of good SEO. The important thing is to achieve your goals such as increase sales or get leads (users who will become potential customers).

Why does it take so long to give results?

The path of robots (bots or spiders) traveling the entire Internet takes time. The large number of factors that influence positioning require time. It is reviewed not only the quality of your page but also the external links it receives, reviews, likes on social networks and many more issues.

Is SEO worth it for a few months?

If you are not going to invest for a minimum of 6 months then it is not worth it. It would be better to invest budget in other fields of your business. There are cases in which businesses that take a few months abandon their SEO campaigns and strategies for not seeing short-term results. This is a mistake. SEO is a long term marketing strategy. You have to be aware of this before investing.

Someone told me that can reach first positions with some tricks

You must walk cautiously in the domains of SEO. Especially if you are going to use “tricks” or “traps” to try to deceive Google or other search engines. As the saying goes “the police are not stupid” and sooner or later using tricks can be very expensive. SEO through tricks is what is known as Black Hat. Your SEO professional should use White Hat techniques. The latter are the recommended ones, the legal ones.

What is that about “Black Hat” and “White Hat”?

Black Hat is the name that receive the use of unethical techniques or those that go against Google’s rules regarding SEO. More and more they are persecuted and highly penalized, if you get caught your website will be penalized by plummeting in the ranking. On the contrary, White Hat is what we call ethical SEO techniques that meet the standards of each search engine. This provide the best results in the long term.

I tried SEO without success, can you tell me the secret?

If I tell you the secrets it lose all the charm, right? 🙂 I can tell you that perhaps the most important and for sure you will read on other websites is that you must offer quality content and services. Internet is at the service of human beings, so think about it. Focus your content for people, with the highest possible quality and relevance. You will see how the great G greets you with pleasure. Think that the goal of search engines is to give you the best, most relevant and useful information. That’s the path!

What should I do to appear on first positions in Google?

Something as simple and complex as offering quality content, relevance with what we say we have on our website and semantic thinking. More and more, Mr G cares about the semantic context and not the KeyWords we used to use in past. What you just read will help you to understand that regarding SEO you need someone who knows the trends, someone who knows how to apply the best techniques and especially that meets SEO standards and good practices. Run away from tricks and pitfalls, it can be more expensive than you think.

Who designs my website should have knowledge about SEO?

Yes, in a web design process you will see that your designer will guide you to take into account the factors that will help to better position your Web. SEO is roughly based on many factors, some internal (within your Web a.k.a SEO OnPage) and others external (links on other websites, social networks and others a.k.a Seo OffPage). It is important that whoever designs your website has knowledge about SEO Onpage.