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Welcome to CleverLake. From here you will get a professional Web design, different from your competitors. Position your website in search engines and get advice about Digital Marketing.

If you want to grow your business it is time to get an effective web design. The goal is that you can offer quality to your customers and earn much more than now.

In addition, in Cleverlake there is a strong ethical code that we faithfully abide in each project, there are no tricks, there are no pitfalls, because things well done looks great and, of course, they work.

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Specialty, experience and vocation

Every web project is important

If you are looking for a professional web design, you probably want to stand out in your sector. Each business obviously has different needs and therefore it is imperative that your website fits perfectly to your case.

I get involved with your project as if it were mine. I take care of the details and always look for each website to be unique. Years of experience have allowed me to learn effective strategies in different business niches.

Pablo · CEO CleverLake


These are general services that most clients usually request.

  • Custom Corporate Website
  • Professional Website for Freelancers
  • Customized E-Commerce
  • Web Re-Design
  • CRO or improvements for customer acquisition
  • Improvement in search engine visibility

If you are looking for something other than the mentioned, try asking me, maybe I can help you.

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Years of service and dedication

Experience in Web Design

If your business is good, your website has to reflect it, that’s the point! The experience working in web design highlights a detail that is common to all projects, what really matters are the results.

It is not enough to have an internet address, you need your website to have visibility. A site that allows your potential clients to find and contact you.

To achieve these results, in the Web design of your business you’ll have to work hard. There are no miraculous formulas, sorry! 🙁

Standing out from your competition impacting your customers or getting a real return on investment is difficult and generates many questions. That’s why you may…

Don’t be overwhelmed by doubts

The GEV effect: Cool, effective and visible!

Appear correctly in Google matters

You will read on many sites that they offer to appear on the first page at all costs. However, although reaching the first positions on Google is good, it should be done following good practices to avoid scary things in future.

You need a personalized strategy, the idea is that you must appear on first positions for your ideal customers, not for those who are not going to buy or hire. If you need help in the process we can do it together. Apply effective strategies aimed at achieving your goals.

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Advice, Support and Security

Despite the fact that in all projects guides and tutorials are delivered that allow you to manage your new website 100% you may need a safety support. Someone who takes care of your online presence.

How many times you have been in the situation of having to publish something on your website and have spent hours to leave it to your liking.

Your time is worth money, delegating this type of tasks will increase the productivity of your business.

Focus on the important stuff and delegate. Get total peace of mind because you will have coverage whenever you need it.

If you wish we can have a long-term relationship, your website will be taken care of, always in perfect condition.

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